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Final Fantasy blue water picture


Limpia el aire.

Limpia el cielo.

Limpia el alma.



Purga la tierra.

Depura la vida.


Filtra los corazones.

Fluye en la existencia.

Inunda el mundo.


UPDATE: Gosh, this is so bad, I’m ashamed  of myself.

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Bolaño’s Advice

Reading around I’ve found Consejos sobre el arte de escribir cuentos by Roberto Bolaño at La Luna de Pierrot. They’re not as helpful as some other tips I’ve read before but they sure are funny.

This is a good time to say that I write both in English and Spanish. Actually, I’ve never written poetry in English because it flows out of me in Spanish. That’s not what happens with short stories that I usually write in English. Anyway, don’t be surprised to find some posts in Spanish.

Meanwhile I’ll keep reading. That is what Bolaño pretty much argues: if you want to write, read a lot.

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English Grammar

I’ve decided not to force any writing. If I can’t, I can’t. It’ll happen eventually. Meanwhile I reviewed some English grammar. I’ve downloaded The Basic English Grammar eBook. It was reassuring to realize that I’m familiar with grammar. I’m not sure if that shows in my ramblings (since I don’t consider what I’ve written so far as real writing). Now I’m up to more reading. If I can’t write, I’ll read. I enjoy it just the same.

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