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Scary reading

Instead of reading, I’ve listened to E.M. Forster‘s short story The Machine Stops. Once in a while I listen to a book, but I still value highly the reading experience because it’s privates, it’s a moment for myself and listening to a book or watching its movie version doesn’t have the same effect.

Cover of "The Machine Stops

While listening The Machine Stops I couldn’t help thinking that maybe something close to what it describes may still happen to us humans in the future. And it’s scary.

poster for The Matrix

This is a sci-fi story that brought The Mattix trilogy to mind. Who knows, maybe Forster influenced the films’ writers. The influencing part I dig, I wish my writing will influence future writings as I’m influenced by past writers, but the being controlled by a machine part I didn’t like. Lets hope that won’t be our future.

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Final Fantasy blue water picture


Limpia el aire.

Limpia el cielo.

Limpia el alma.



Purga la tierra.

Depura la vida.


Filtra los corazones.

Fluye en la existencia.

Inunda el mundo.


UPDATE: Gosh, this is so bad, I’m ashamed  of myself.

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