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After my Homeric experience with The Iliad, I wanted something close to my liking. What’s better than Jane Austen‘s Persuasion?

Cover of "Persuasion (Oxford World's Clas...

Cover of Persuasion (Oxford World’s Classics)

I wrote before about this being my favorite Austen and it still is. This time I realized the actual amount of persuasion that goes around. From Anne Elliot to each Miss Musgrove, everybody is persuaded at one point or another.

Still, Anne’s and Captain Wentworth’s love story is the best around. Lest face it, they’re not young and that’s what is so appealing about their romance.

Now I’m ready for some more reading.

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On Becoming Jane

Becoming Jane seems like the logical movie to watch after the previous six based on her major novels. I really like this fictional biography.

It’s a Postmodern creation out of the very Romantic idea that an author biography is reflected in his creation or, in this case, her creation. That’s why most of it isn’t true. And I pretty much I imagined it when I watched it the first time.

Anne Hathaway does a fine job as does James McAvoy and pretty much everybody else.

Cover of "Becoming Jane"

Cover of Becoming Jane

One of the things I liked the most about the movie was the constant references to Austen’s work. It actually became kind of a game recognizing the literary references.

As a writer I think I can do that, refer to other literary works not to copycat them but to exercise readers’ minds. And why not. Real originality is unattainable and great authors are influenced by previous great authors. They don’t copy them, they work over what they have done before as Austen did.

And what the heck, I might as well say it: I want to be a great author.

Large billboard on the a building's wall with Jane Austen in it.

The casting call Becoming Jane was a little… subtle.

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