Remember me?

No, really, do you remember me? I’m the future soccer mom who still wants to be a writer.

The last couple of month I’ve been MIA. What happens is that life is actually a haiku. I’ve learned that when a series of sudden deaths plagued my relatives.

It’s not been easy coping with all the pain death causes, especially if there’s been several of them.

Color picture of an old typewriter

Bodie Typewriter by Jon Sullivan

Now that I’m back on track, I’m back into writing.

Last year I wanted to write a short story. Now I’m full into the poetic drive. I usually write poems in Spanish, but I’m writing and that’s what really matter.

The short story must wait; now poetry rules.


Surrealist feelings

I was still feeling a little off when I wrote the earlier entry. I’m not sure what I wanted to say exactly. Maybe it all was the effect of all the medicines. Maybe I should erase it, but I don’t want to. I’m recording my struggles trying to write and bizarre entries are part of it.

When I’m sick with the flu or any feverish illness, I get into a delirious state even if it’s a non-flu flu. I used to get the weirdest dreams that reminded me of the Surrealists. Have anybody ever seen Luis Buñuel‘s Un perrro andaluz? I saw it at New York’s MoMA a couple of years back. That’s the kind of dream I’m talking about.

Luis Buñuel caricature-like ilustración

Luis Buñuel by El Humilde Fotero del Pánico

They’d be perfect if I actually manage to remember them, but all I could recall are incoherent pieces and I’m not sure I’ll be able to use them in any way.

I’m not the kind of person that wakes up and write all her dreams. Never did it before and I won’t start now. However, sometimes I wish I were, because I’d have a journal filled with hundreds of ideas ready for me to write about. Or maybe not.

Meanwhile I’m still unable to write and wishing ardently I’d be able to.


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Soup and more soup

I didn’t expect this, I mean, getting the flu during autumn, that’s a winter thing, right?

It is not in my house, where everybody got sick. But it was the weirdest illness of all. We all got the symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, and weakness), but there was not internal symptom according to our doctor. No fever, clear throat, no virus. It seems to be a new kind of flu.

The only thing everybody wanted to eat was soup. Luckily, I could rely on Pinterest to get the right recipe.

The first soup was a traditional caldo de pollo. It reminded me of home back in the day.

A pumpkin soup was in order. We lost some weight so I cooked a creamy version.

Finally I made a non-meat potato and leek soup.

I hope we don’t get sick during winter. I’m not so sure I’ll cook that many soups then.

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