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Do you still remember me?

Last time I wrote was almost two years ago. I remember having coming through a series of deaths in my family. Guess what? There’s life after death. Yep, now I’m a future soccer mom/already a ballet mom of two. My little girl now has a little brother.

Vintage Mother’s Day IllustrationI was thrilled when I realized all those stomach problems weren’t caused by food poisoning. Hubby was so surprised because we weren’t expecting it. Aimee’s pregnancy wasn’t an easy business. Who knew, baby Richie’s would be a breeze.

Now we’re a happy family and I’m pretty much ready to go back writing. Let’s see how it goes.

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My baby

Black and white baby's eyelashes picture

The other day I was asked to show some of the  kiddo’s pictures. I won’t. First, I don’t think it’s healthy for a baby to grow up so publicly. Second, this is my time-away-from-motherhood virtual space. Ever since the baby was born I became a somebody’s mom and stopped being me. And I wanted to be a writer. This is my opportunity to do it. Besides, the kiddo will appear more than once for sure. It’s unavoidable, only not in pictures.

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