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Carmilla, Mircalla, Millarca, whatever


Illustration by D. H. Friston

I read this one not because I’ve already read it, but because I wanted something new. To be honest J. Sheridan Le Fanu‘s Carmilla is not the kind of book I want to write.  There are too many loose ends like who is Carmilla’s/Millarca’s mother, who is the black woman in the carriage, who is the tall man in the ball, how come nobody could figure out from the start that Carmilla, Mircalla, and Millarca are anagrams of the same name, if Carmilla needed to rest in her tomb why is she able to travel throughout all Europe, and so forth.

Carmilla might be read as a cautionary tales against lesbianism, a very risqué topic for a 19th century novella. This is the  novella’s only interesting feature and I didn’t even agree with Le Fanu’s treatment of the subject. Other than that it is quite boring. I think I know now what I don’t want to do.

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