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Scary reading

Instead of reading, I’ve listened to E.M. Forster‘s short story The Machine Stops. Once in a while I listen to a book, but I still value highly the reading experience because it’s privates, it’s a moment for myself and listening to a book or watching its movie version doesn’t have the same effect.

Cover of "The Machine Stops

While listening The Machine Stops I couldn’t help thinking that maybe something close to what it describes may still happen to us humans in the future. And it’s scary.

poster for The Matrix

This is a sci-fi story that brought The Mattix trilogy to mind. Who knows, maybe Forster influenced the films’ writers. The influencing part I dig, I wish my writing will influence future writings as I’m influenced by past writers, but the being controlled by a machine part I didn’t like. Lets hope that won’t be our future.

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It all started with a room with a view

I too want a room with a view. E . M.  Forster’s A Room with a View is one of those novels I enjoy rereading again and again because it reminds me of why I became an English major. Forster’s ability to create characters still amazes me. It’s difficult not to fall in love with Lucy, George, Cecil, and even Eleanor or pretty much everybody else in this novel.

Lucy Honeychurch is clueless girl who almost made the biggest mistake of her life by marrying Cecil Vyse, a guy so snob that he couldn’t stand himself. Meanwhile she’s actually in love with handsome George Emerson, whose father is so open and straightforward that the snobbish society Lucy belongs to is mighty uncomfortable with the father and son pair. Luckily her fate turns and she’s able to realize the foolishness and emptiness of a life with Cecil, break up the engagement in one of the best scenes I’ve ever read. She tries to escape only to fall into George’s arms in the same room with a Florentine view they exchanged the first time they met.

I want to write like Forster. He has a very unpretentious style that I enjoy a lot, and a cunning way to create complex and interesting characters that I want to emulate

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