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Great cliffhangers

Black and white illustrations of a scene from "Great Expectations"

Source: google.ca via Ben on Pinterest

When I grew up I want to write like Charles Dickens. Recently I read Great Expectations and was amazed with how good that novel is. But those cliffhangers blew my mind. They never failed to keep me interested. I’m sure it’s not that easy to master creating a good cliffhanger. I remember Dan Brown’s and they are, well, not that good.

Other than the cliffhangers Dickens’ character development is deceptively simple. Pip, Joe, Miss Havisham, Estella, and especially Mrs. Joe seem stereotypes but they’re a lot more complex than it seems at first sight. But I was head over heels for Mr. Wemmicks. He’s all business and no-nonsense at work, and a caring and loving son for the Aged P at home. His overall attitude won me over.

I’m still struggle trying to find what to write, but sure I’m enjoying all this reading.

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