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Characters are cast!!!

Yep, I finally cast my characters. Nothing out of the ordinary but this is already helping me visualize what I’m trying to write.

A Queen Latifah photograph

Queen Latifah is McKenzie Cameron.  She’s a no-nonsense business woman in charge of the administrative aspect of a rising publishing house. Her studies in a liberal arts college made her a perfect bridge between the commercial and the artistic aspects of the business. I envision her as a larger than life independent woman in her mid-thirties that’s not always appreciate due to her work’s nature, nevertheless everybody around her is pretty much aware that without her the company could crash. Queen Latifah was pretty much the first choice since I think she’s talented but she has been miscast more than once. Remember Bringing Down the House, anyone? If she could survive and be the only good thing about that movie she could survive the two love interests I got in store for Ms. Cameron

A Laure Vélez photograph

Lauren Vélez is Ms. Ortiz (no first name). She’s the bohemian main photographer in charge of the photo department for the periodical division of the publishing house. She cares not for money but for art which make her the art nazi sometimes. She’s married and may have kids.  She’s friend with McKenzie since both attended the same college although Ms. Ortiz is older. She’s pretty much the one that messes things up for McKenzie to fix but when the latter needs a friend Ms. Ortiz can place everything second and be there for her. I choose Vélez among many Latinas because I think she can stop being a police officer for once and play somebody else for a while.

A Kim Dong Wook photograph

Kim Dong Wook is Young Hottie. He’s a clueless graphic designer who call himself a photographer, even though he considers himself above photographers. He works at the publishing house due to one of those mess ups by Ms. Ortiz. He’s in his early twenties and this is his first job. His naiveté wins McKenzie over and that will lead them into romance.  I needed a lovable and innocent looking young guy (either a model or an actor), and a friend directed me to K-drama sites, and sure enough I found the actor that fills the bill.

A Kevin Costner photograph

Kevin Costner is Old Hottie. He is a college professor in his early fifties and was Young Hottie’s mentor at college and a guy with whom McKenzie disagrees all the time. But when Young Hottie is out-of-town, guess who fills his place in her heart? Out of hate love blossoms. That and that he’s educated and can carry an intelligent conversation off that’s intellectually stimulating. This was the most difficult part to cast. I wanted a well established actor with a rugged look combined with sophistication. Richard Gere showed up first, but he’s not aging well. Then came Harrison Ford, but andropause hasn’t been kind to him. Kevin Costner turned out to be perfect. If that didn’t work there’s always Kevin Bacon (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

I got something to confess. It wasn’t as easy as I expected but I think it’ll be worth it.  As I stated above, having a visual image of the characters is helping me shape my story.  Other than that it seem I need to do a casting call for male characters’ names. Still have no idea how they’ll be called.  I’m really grateful that Mr. Costner and Mr. Kim had agree working in this project under such a horrifying condition. They really are troupers 😛 .

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