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Happy Mother’s Day!

The c. 1916 image in red shows a seated young mother with her baby, and a puppy.

This project wouldn’t be possible without my mom’s support. She was my first reader, my first fan, and the one who keeps encouraging me to meet my goals.

She’s such a mom that she’ll move in for the summer so I can finish my story and work in some other project I’ve been talking her about. And she’ll do it too because I’m having a bit of separation anxiety since my tiny little baby isn’t the baby I think she is and will start school next Fall. I know we’re talking preschool here but she’s been my day-to-day companion for almost four years and although she’s mature enough to start socializing, I’m the one who’s not ready. So my mother is moving in for my sake. Isn’t she a doll?

This is an example of why mothers deserve a special day.

To all the mothers, madres, mères out there: Happy Mother’s Day!

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