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What’s in a name?

A red name tag that reads "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

After reading Jim Chaney’s “Stop! In The Name Of…Terrible Baby Names” in his blog The Wordslinger, I realized I have no names for my two male characters. How am I to do a casting call without proper names for my characters? Just imagine the scene: “Hi, I’m here for the casting call,” a well-known actor says. “Goody!,” I say, “you’ll play an unnamed male character…” “Oh!,” he interrupts, “I’ll call you”. Shouldn’t be the other way around? Luckily this is completely hypothetical.

So far my female characters names are McKenzie Cameron (don’t ask me, I can’t take that name out of my head) and Ms. Ortiz (no first name). Although naming the two guys Young Hottie and Old Hottie is working for me, I’m not sure those are good names for any character. I’ll appreciate any idea (no Henry or Stephen, please).

I remember naming my baby was a breeze. The moment I knew I was pregnant I knew the name I wanted. However those two guys are a hard nut to crack.

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