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On More Reading

Recently sharpened pencil over blank grid paper

Lápiz by Elisa Xyz

I’m still reading. I’m not sure if it’s good or not. I find lots of tips about writing on the internet, I read them but I’m unable to actually do them. That’s what’s happened after I read Four Powerful Ways to Bring Your Writing Goals Closer. Everything makes sense but it’s undo-able in my reality. I’ll keep reading then.

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English Grammar

I’ve decided not to force any writing. If I can’t, I can’t. It’ll happen eventually. Meanwhile I reviewed some English grammar. I’ve downloaded The Basic English Grammar eBook. It was reassuring to realize that I’m familiar with grammar. I’m not sure if that shows in my ramblings (since I don’t consider what I’ve written so far as real writing). Now I’m up to more reading. If I can’t write, I’ll read. I enjoy it just the same.

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What would I write today?

Sharpened white crayon over white background

White Crayon by Paolo Neo

I’m supposed to start my weekly writing today I’m unable to. I haven’t written anything the whole week.

I got a little notebook to write things down when I’d think about them.  Nothing happened. The notebook is blank. I read Beat Blank Page Syndrome: 10 Tricks to Get Your Writing Started to help with my very own syndrome, up to no avail.

Then I read The Writing Process with the same result. Maybe writing was not for me after all.

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